In the summer of 2009, I went on a blind date with a ballerina who hated Hip Hop.

I knew true love couldn't bloom if she considered my favorite music a weed.

Enter: Rapperina™, a mixtape to re-program a classically trained ballerina to love hip hop.

I remixed & mash'd up a dozen songs to escort this Nut Cracker to my hood.

Five years later, Rapperina™ has de-fanged even the hostilest of Hip Hop haters.

And the girl?
Sadly, she was too far gone to be saved.

(00:00-00;10) Opening
(00:10-01:00) Paul Dateh and Inka One - Hip Hop Violin
(01:00-04:45) Jason Mraz - The Dynamo Of Volition
(04:45-08:20) Jurassic 5 & Dave Matthews - Work It Out
(08:20-12:00) Girl Talk - Set It Off
(12:00-14:40) Kanye West & Adam Levin - Heard 'Em Say
(14:40-18:30) Lupe Fiasco - Kick Push
(18:30-21:30) Common Market - Connect For
(21:30-25:30) Mat Kearney - Girl America
(25:30-29:10) Common Market - Swell
(29:10-31:30) Blackalicous - Make You Feel That Way
(31:30-34:30) DJ Format & Jurassic 5 - We know something you don't
(34:30-38:30) Black Eyed Pease - I Gotta Feeling
(38:00-41:40) Hilltop Hoods - Chase The Feeling
(41:40-42:00) Closing